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Men never notice me. So I ask my dad’s gorgeous billionaire law partner for help.

Who better to help me get my heartthrob crush than Christopher Thorne?


After all, he’s the irresistible silver fox notorious for seducing any woman he wants.


Never shying away from a challenge, this alpha agrees to turn me into the perfect seductress.


We spend lustful evenings and passionate nights secretly exploring our bodily desires.


And before long, I become the woman no man can ignore.


But when the lines between what I want and what I desire blur, I find myself at an emotional intersection not knowing which way to turn.


All I ever wanted was to win my crush.

But now I long for my first and only lover whom I fully trust with my body...


But not with my heart.


Forbidden Love is a dangerous game I never expected to play.

But when my twin brother’s mesmerizing new girlfriend mistakes me for him, her kiss awakens a passion that knows no reason.

In the midst of a critical foreign acquisition, Joseph decides to jet off to Tokyo with a new fling, leaving me to handle the chaos.

That's when she enters my life, the embodiment of perfection with cascading locks, porcelain skin, and sapphire eyes that hold secrets I long to unravel.

But as our connection deepens, the truth lurks in the shadows, threatening to unravel everything we've built.

I'm drawn to her, unable to resist our passion between the sheets.

Yet the battle between my guilty conscience and aching heart rages on. To appease one, I have to sacrifice the other...

The stakes have never been higher as Love and deception collide.

If Zoe finds out who I am, her broken heart will be the battleground where trust and love are lost forever.

Book no.2
Book no.1
Ebook3 final cover forbidden Desires.png

My sister's silver fox ex-husband has always been off-limits...until now

Suffering from writer's block, I move to a beach resort to find inspiration, but find my first crush instead.


Gabriel, the center of my every secret desire,

and the sexiest man to ever walk on two feet.


I was a teenager when he was married to my sister,


but now his eyes devour every inch of my body with insatiable hunger,


another part of his anatomy shamelessly aching to do much more.


Seeing him again awakens feelings I can no longer deny,


But giving in to our desires is a red line we cannot uncross.


If my sister ever finds out, all hell will break loose.


Yet, every time I try to distance myself, I end up back in his arms.


She's sabotaged my life at every turn when I wasn't sleeping with her ex.


Now I shudder to think what she might do when she finds out that I am.

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